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Business Development

Need a business plan written?
Need to research a market?
Need to extend (or create) your sales force and find leads?

If so, then our Business Development Services are for you.

Customer References:

Small optical networking startup needed to grow their business and find new channels for distribution. They came to Steele Marketing Services for these services. They were so impressed that they expanded our efforts to include product feature sheets and other collateral too.

Software startup in the GPS tracking industry needed help getting the sales and marketing going, creating collateral, redoing their website and creating their business plan so that they could get funding. Our staff at Steele Marketing Services wrote their business plan and investor presentation, created collateral, created their new website and developed a two-tier distribution channel for them.

European software company focusing on the pharmaceutical market needed to startup and grow the business in the United States. Steele Marketing Services provided Sales & Marketing services, technical consulting and support services and became the company's interface to the FDA for regulatory approval.


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